Forgive And Forget

Since I'm one who believes in live and let live
I want to forget and I want to forgive
All of those who have offended me in any way
Though kind things of me they've not been known to say.

I look to tomorrow 'tis another day
And I'm too old for mind games mind games I do not play
Of life I have so much to learn but I know
That 'tis harder to make a good friend than a foe.

We will leave it to karma for to be our judge
And even those I do not like I will not bear a grudge
My differences with others I have lived to regret
But I want to forgive and I want to forget.

The people I don't like too do not like me
One might say we look at life quite differently
But banish from your mind every bad memory
And forgive and forget that is how it should be.

by Francis Duggan

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