CY (3/10/93 / Round Rock Texas)

Forgive And Forget Doesn'T Exist

Just won't you forget it?
I'm sorry for everything and I hate myself for it.
I think I would do anything to take it back,
and I swear I will never forget.
What I did too you,
I was stupid and foolish,
I'll scream from the top of the world I just
hate what I have done.
I'd do anything to fix what I did to you,
there's nothing worse than how I feel at you.
I just can't feel this way,
why am I crying? I think I’m forgetting
what I loved.
When I scream that I won't forget you,
I scream that your memory burns.
When I scream that I miss you,
I scream that I still don't want you.
When I scream that you were horrible,
I scream that in the end I was worse.
When I scream that I hate myself for it,
I scream that it was finally the solution.
When I scream that I'm sorry,
I scream that I swear it’s true.
I'm sorry, I love you.

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Comments (3)

Its nice to accept your mistakes. I loved your wordings.
wow, has kerry read this one?
I find this poem incredibly apt for my life at the moment and it really is powerfully written and if I could have chosen these words I would be pretty impressed with myself... really enjoyed it.....