Forgive And Let Go

I'm so sorry, o my beloved;
Forgive me, o thou whom my soul loveth;
See me not as he that turneth aside the flocks of his companion;
Cast not thy hatred upon my sorry heart;
Paint not thy heart with disgust for my act;
Take not the blissful touch of nature away from thy smile;
Thy lips are like a thread of scarlet;
Defile it not with scornful speech on me;
Curse me not, for thy heavenly voice is made to bless.

For through you, i've known love;
Through you, i've known peace;
Through you, i've known joy; and
Through you, i've known happiness;
Yet my heart still feels a pain;
For i lack that which i need to keep the glow i see in your eyes on.
So, let go of me to journey the glob in search of that treasure (Success) ...

by Bakare Oluwagbenga Michael

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