RS (1978 / India)

Forgive, Forget And Accept

Forgiving flaws is the best way
to show your love today
to someone close to your heart
As It will strengthen the relationship
Hold hands together
Never let it slip from your grip
While moving in this life's trip
Because life is a divine gift

by Rini Shibu

Comments (6)

Rini, you have captured the glue that binds hearts. Well done!
I love this poem, Rini, because it speaks of forgiveness, a rare virtue found in human beings these days. Revenge has become the order of the day. Its only when you see the good side of people that you strengthen your relationship.. Lovely poem
Beautiful poem with a beautiful message Rini Nudershada
A very powerful message, if you love someone, accept one with his flaws, forget and forgive one's wrong doings. A poem with an universal appeal.
For any mistake we shall forgive. This is a nice human value. Acceptance is good attitudes. An amazing valuable poem is very well penned....10
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