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Forgive Me
MR (1989 / March)

Forgive Me

forgive me for everything
that old excuse
won't wash it away

if i must find forgivness without your
then i will take my sword and shield
and i shall fight for freedom

forgive me o lord
for their sins are burning me
all my heart has within is
burning viciousness

all that you have done to me
shall drive me forward
until my final day
and upon that day if my deed is not done

i will haunt you from then
in mortal self i will end
in spirit i shall fly
for fear is gone and hate is no more

i will be free and i shall let you see
the hurt that you have caused me
has always hindered me
and has scared me for all my life

your words are trully evil
they drive me to the edge
and one day i fear
i will not come back

i will end what you began
your blood will make this land
fruitful and restored
and i will make this land mine

fighting until the end
bloddy retribution
will finally fulfil me
and i will be at peace

if death were a man
i would shake his hand
and thank him for taking you
all to hell

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