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Forgive Me

I read your verse, it made me weep
It gave me pain, I could not sleep.
My beautiful child, what have I done
To cause you such heart-ache and grief
That you've come all undone.

Where was my head, my heart, my soul
To be blind to your anguish, your tears
To lose sight of the goal
Of raising you up happy and fearless and proud
Lost in my misery, it took a dear toal.

I know I've failed terribly, at being the one
You can look up to, to whom you can run
When life gets you down,
When you're shattern and drawn.
But I'm changing, dear child
I've found a new dawn.

A new day has been gifted to both you and me.
The world's now amazing, and awesome to see.
Take my hand and come along
I promise you this, I'll never desert you
again, I'll be true.

by D.J. Ayscue

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