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Forgive Me
AKT (8-3-68 / Memphis, Tn.)

Forgive Me

Poem By Allen Keith Turner

On this day, one year ago
You left my heart with a great big hole
For on that day, I needed you so much
Wanted to see your smile & feel your touch.

But you didn't care enough for me
To show your love so I could see
So I am here to say how I feel
I miss you so much & I love you still!

Going to look past the Hate you have shown
It is my way of trying to move on.
Going to let go of all the Pain
& hope 'One Day' to see you again!

Not going to stare at the past,
To the times together we never had.
Looking ahead to the times we will share
& Try to show how much I do care!

I will forgive you
For the times you didn't want to see,
For all the things I didn't do
Would you please forgive me? ? ?


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I hope she does forgive you. If not, another love is around the corner. Marilyn