Forgive Me

I sat to write you a letter
Explain the grief in my heart
Held the words forever
But never knew where to start
Perhaps with the tears of loneliness
But that would proportion blame
So maybe the scars of emptiness
Of humiliation and shame
But no, for it needs gentle wording
To tell you what needs to be said
So this pen writes in my memory
As I play, or lay down to rest
But doing so erodes happiness
Of which my heart was once filled
The laughter of small children
Subdued by this bitter pill
And every move is laden
With the weight of guilt I hold
Fear of the final sunset
Uncertainty leaves me cold...
So Forgive me, I write
Forgive me your hurt
Forgive me tomorrow
When I break your heart

by Alc Harris

Comments (2)

Your remarkable sensitivity comes across here at several levels. Really a treasure.
AMANDA, i like your poems, they seem distent, yet personal, kinda like watching a movie with all the parts......................