Forgive Me, Forgive And Forget

Poem By David Wilson

Dreams and passions lead to misery and depression

Complicated missions fall to pieces

and become lost in the oblivious mind

simpletons fail to comprehend

that which they find

So now as I release that which ails me

Which sadly, is everything

Allow me, to let loose this apology

I'm sorry that you had to meet me

and establish this controversy

the world seems less vicious

without me

so let me

show myself the door

and just leave

you don't need tears because you need not grieve

Smile, And be HAPPY

I'm sorry, I fell upon you so suddenly

Lord knows you weren't ready for me

or me for you

and the things you do to me

the things you do so easily

Just forget this nightmare

while I find a place somewhere elsewhere

To give my heart and soul a home

single and alone

Let me brush it from yours

with the broom of my dreams

and all will be as it seems

I'm sorry, that my world was made by me

and I hoped so passionately

to fit you in it perfectly

I'm Sorry

That for a split second

my eyes opened, and fell again

I'm sorry for the things you do to me

I'm sorry I fell so completely

I'm sorry that You could never take me

Now I ask you to Forsake me

Forgive me, forgive and Forget

Let me become nothing more

Than a hopeless regret

Forgive me, Forgive And Forget

what I did

Forget that I existed

Comments about Forgive Me, Forgive And Forget

Beautiful poem written with such expression!
ugh! ! it REALLY doesnt seem that easy it's the hardest thing to do in life is to forgive it's a battle i've been fighting for a long...long time
Don't you wish it were that easy? This is such a lovely and sad little poem. Great job
sometimes a poet wrote his/her poem based on his/her experience? did you? But i'm impressed with your beautiful piece. nice to know you :)

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