Forgive Me My Lord

Forgive me Jesus Christ, my Lord
for I wasn't your faithful soldier.
For I wanted to have myself all the glory not You
For I didn't stand by Your flock

For I blured Your image
in order to make my own image shine.
For I didn't enter Your Kingdom
and I didn't let others enter either

Forgive me Jesus Christ, my Lord
for I stained Your Church with my deeds
My soul is black, more black than my cassock,
I was a wolf in ship clothing

Forgive me Jesus Christ, my Lord
for I didn't bring You
presents of value, gold, incense, myrrh.
My only presents to You are my sins.

by Kostas Lagos

Comments (2)

I love to believe in God but the so called humans created by Him push me away of Him. The unceasing distance between me and my God has blurred His image, already dim, I love to believe in a life after this life but when I think there was a life before this life, I wish there may not be another butcher to cut my throat once again with with a rusted knife! Lizzie is the complete poem by me.
Words of repentance coming fro the depths of your heart! We all sin and choose our own way! But if one has the resolve to come back and travel with God, all our blemishes will be erased with the blood of Jesus! A poem that touches somewhere deep!