Forgive My Tongue

forgive my tongue for the truth it speaks,
forgive my mind for it's nomadic adventures.
Sorry for my dreams all pathetic.
maybe I'm just seeking sympathy from the white warder; who never feels sorry enough to let go of my black mind.
engraved a monograph writing in my thinking; white is cool, black is a disgrace.
a black man is only good for a tool.

forgive my fathers for their monopolized mentality, remember;
white is holy, black is evil.

that's how Azanian land was sold. In exchange with a black book that promised a land ya maswi le dinotshi.

pray to the white God professing to be all mighty and holy.
We listened attentively as our ancestral beliefs were demolished, we knelled down and prayed. now we call our ancestors agents of the devil.

After they are done to indoctrinate us, they hire a black man to be caretaker... sorry; I meant president.
birthrights stolen with a green book that labels us with segments of a bar-code.

forgive my tongue for having it's own mind.
It just wouldn't allow mental slavery,
thus it's not scared of steel bars that locked in poets like me before for telling the truth.
silent kills...

by Kabelo Moratwe

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