Forgiven (2007)

Poem By Jodie Phillips

I want to forgive her, but it hurts so much
I want to feel better, forgetting their touch
Forgive and forget are two different things
I want to try both and see what it brings

I can forgive him and I don't know why
I think of his actions and I start to cry
I can't forgive her yet, although I should
A good person probably already would

Does he know where his boundaries are?
Will he stop next time or go to far?
I trust him and love him and must wait and see
And hope in the future he chooses just me

Comments about Forgiven (2007)

It doesn't always happen that way. You just put out, and pray for the best I spose. I've waited a few yrs to have sex again, and it turns out he doesn't even love me. You do what you gotta' do to get a man to love you I spose. Pretty soon, he'll be saying, 'Its' not working out.' Men would rather have a slut, than a devoted, sweet, romantic woman to take care of him, and for him to take care of her. If you're reading this, B or C, (most likelly B AND C) then think about it. I don't get a hug in the mornings or anything. Why? Because I'm not who you want me to be, C? I'm good enough to fukc, but I'm not good enough to have flowers bought? Hmmm gives me a new idea for a poem. Think I'll write it now.

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