Will I ever be forgiven
for simply being born?
Will I ever forgive myself
or will I always feel this torn?

by Mary Nagy Click to read full poem

Comments (10)

tis better to forgive and forget than to live in regret everybody is to be forgivein you've done it again good read Superman
Short but sweet and to the point. I liked it alot. This may not have been your intent, but it really makes me wonder if man is born inherently evil. And if so, can we ever be redeemed?
Good poem I liked it! Lylyanna
I feel the same way, .................
*hugs* i love you guys at poemhunter. no matter what it it, there's always someone who's been there and wrote about it. :) such pure innocence in this poem, reasurring..
Simply Beautiful. So beautiful. Mary you really are a good poet, and i'm sure i'll leard a lot from you. Arsiema Berhane
what lovely words mary and written in the right content. cheers sylvia
simply told but effective
Hello Mary, I like this poem of yours. It has a lot of feeling when one is reading the read of it. It seems to have that something special included too, yet only one can tell, what that special thing is within. Thank you for sharing. With Respect, Jodilee
great poem, i have the same problem, its easy to forgive others, but when it comes to me thats another story..................