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When you live forgiveness
You pave a gentle way
To guide you through your lifetime
Tomorrow and today

Forgiveness habits in daily life
Color all you see
And paint a kind warm loving world
And brings it home for free

Forgiveness given toward friend and foe
Creates a solid base
Those many little errors
Are easily erased

Perfection and forgiveness
Usually not the same
Forgiveness trumps perfection
And renders judgement lame

Resentments and forgiveness
Are contrary traits
Living in the latter
Oviate's man's hates

Forgiving loving thoughts
About your state today
Chases away the darkness
And brightens up the day

If your forgiveness is wide enough
You'll excuse frustrating things
And escape those chilling thoughts
And the iciness they bring

Forgiving folks radiate
A glow in face and gait
They can be approached for warming ways
And not the ice of hate

Forgiving body's health
Is well in spirit's ways
If you're healthy in your heart
It's what you want today

The concept of forgiveness
At least latent down inside
When it is deeply nurtured
We have no need to hide

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Comments (2)

this poem shows the rays in your soul! such an amazing writing! ~~Elya Thorn~~
Very nice Ray.............wish it was that easy, but........I do try! Sincerely, mary