There is an old saying called live and let live
And though it may be hard to forget one should try to forgive
Since the gift of forgiveness is a great gift indeed
For the antidote to the healing of the mind it does plant the seed

Those who cannot forgive cannot know of happiness
They live till they die with anger and bitterness
It is when you forgive that in life you can move on
For bitterness can lead to serious crime and what has been has gone

Some people will take their anger and bitterness with them to the grave
The gift of forgiveness only does belong to the brave
Some who cannot forgive do turn to payback crime
And spend most of the best years of their lives serving prison time

Forgiveness of anger and bitterness will set you free
This does apply to everyone as well as to you and me
The person who harbors a grudge is his or her own greatest foe
And that the act of forgiveness removes anger and bitterness from the mind happens to be so.

by Francis Duggan

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