Forgiveness Is Not The Key

Poem By Lenore Lee

I look down at the people, I worry about their woes
I worry about their joys, their friends, their foes
I worry about their lives and the way they live it
I worry about their dreams and wonder if they’ll heed it
I worry about the tears I see running down their face
I worry about their lies they tell in this time and place
I worry about their truths that always hurt more
I worry about what they will definitely have in store

I look down at the people who never showed compassion
Who hate each other with the strongest passion
Who pushed me aside as though I were nothing
I wonder, do they care about anything?
I realise they treat each other as dirt
And they revel within all the hurt
Not one ever worried for me
I’m so glad that I can finally see

I refuse to worry or care about them and their petty ways
I will never again worry for their days
Because not one ever cared for me
Forgiveness is not the key
Not when I live life so lonely
I want to be loved only
For them I’ll never again feel woe
Because I’ll be nothing but their foe

Comments about Forgiveness Is Not The Key

is Lenore lee a boy or a girl
Dear Lenore, To be honest, when read the title of this poem, I did not like the it. But after reading the poem, I think I fully understand. The poem makes me think of the saying: If you are not nice to me, shame on you. There is so much truth in this. Some people just deserve our pity. We do not have to worry about them, pity is enough. I love your very honest and very open way of expressing yourself.
Lenore, I like this declaration of resilience and realisation. I used to worry too much of the fate of others but while I still care for society and helpless individuals, I know that I must get on with my life and others must get on with theirs. However I would not advocate discarding manners and social responsibility (although I don’t believe you are advocating this here) . Manners are a lubricant to crank along the dealings of a polite society, and we should not give up. Sometimes moving or learning to associate with nicer people helps, or be peacefully determined to not engage with painful people. Non engagement. This gives you so much more time for peaceful and harmonious pursuits, such as art, poetry, friendship and knowledge. Ghandi would have approved. Great raw emotion well expressed.
i agree with you upto some extent. But forgiveness is the gift of God.very rare person possesses this quality. need not to bother for other. you have to do for a better tomorrow. I agree with friend Romeo - Those people are sole looser and would love to share their unhappiness with you. but a nice poem.
A powerful poem my dear friend! You are a very young person and you must concentrate in planing your on journey through life and disregard those people like the ones you described in this amazing write. Life is a Two-Way street! Those people are sole looser and would love to share their unhappiness with you. Thank you for sharing! 10+++ Keep it up! God Bless You! Love and Peace for always!

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