The Setting Of The Moon

Poem By Count Giacomo Leopardi

Years have passed along down the line
Of the summers we used to know
The days when love
Filled every minute way back there
Before we drifted on our separate paths
On life’s journey forward
But I forgot to forget about loving you
And the memories still remind me of those long gone days

I saw you yesterday
Out walking with your new love
Everything came back to me
My heart dropped at your feet
I felt those old feelings
Resurrect themselves from the past
Even though you have moved on
Found love in someone new
I forgot to forget about loving you

(14 April 2007)

Comments about The Setting Of The Moon

Some love is never lost and forgotten, beautiful sentiment David, thanks for sharing.
This is making me cry and burning my sun-burned face. It is so touching and such a reminder that if you've ever shared what was meant to be a lifetime love, how hard it is to let go of the memories, of all that was or could have been, How does one ever recover the heart and soul they've given to one as it is left in ruins, either through the others doing or ones own doings. Sad but true, ahhhh, 'tis not a perfect world, one can only hold on to hope
Nice poem David, we put memories in the back of our mind, then something makes them re-surface, not always a bad thing, ten from me Lynda x
Hows that song go......'Memories in the cornes of my mind.......' a least you still have them... : O)
Old flames from the past, they live long in the memory and always last...10

4,8 out of 5
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