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My life seems to have ceased, within all that surround,
It's spent in darkness, forgotten.. so not to be found.
The glorious days remembered, are the dearest to my past,
Though now they're only memories, I fear to be my last.

There was warmth in my heart, when you'd hold me real tight,
And listening to you breathe, as we would lay there at night.
Your face would light up, when you would hold me so close;
I would get a tickle sensation, when you would touch my nose.

I miss all your secrets, that you'd whisper in my ear,
And I loved how you involved me, with your birthday each year.
My cheeks show of stains, from tears that now flow,
After being left behind, as you continued to grow.

I am your teddy bear, that cared for you so much,
Set aside into darkness, under many clothes and such.
In the bottom of your closet, this is where I lay,
In hopes you'll remember, and come get me someday.

(aka: Driftwood)

by Gary Boykin

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