DM ( / British Columbia)


When you were sick, I helped you get well,
I got you to school before hearing the bell.
I lent you my clothes when you had nothing to wear,
And I made you feel better by doing your hair.
I loved you and cared like a true sister would,
And protected your being as much as I could.
It seems that my love has got nothing to show,
When I see what your doing and wish I could go.
To help you and guide you along the way.
To find later on, I've got nothing to say.
No matter how much I try with you girl,
You've got the potential to become a bright pearl.
But there's no point in wasting my time with the dis'n,
When I know that you don't care enough to just listen.
So I hope that you find your way on your own,
Cause to me it seems there's no love to be shown.
So I hope you accomplish what you want to do,
Just know that I'm here and I'll always love you!

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