SS (09/05/1986 / New-Bombay, India)


Forgotten days

‘Some days are meant to fade away
some roads we leave and move ahead’
these words were who consoled me then
can’t say the same right now again!
I do feel good to breath this life,
life that could’ve never touched my sight
but that smile do occurs at night
and that face which can’t lie
flooding my thoughts,
belying my convictions,
stabbing my freedom,
freedom to think the way I like!
Many eyes confronts and moves aside
but that smile stay on, alone
as if to provoke my careless state
and question me for my loneliness
innocence pervades bellicose debate
debate which wins down her gaze
can’t say how much I miss those days
better off like the man they dreamt,
albeit I can’t deny my dismal way
still that ‘sparkle niche’ brings disdain!
my head shuns onto higher aim,
aim to curb this baloney instead!

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