VG (24/01/1979 / Epsom, East Surrey)


See this man before you, as I am now and today
Witness this forever, a discipline that’s to betray
In my hole, looking upwards, to faces looking downwards
Only left to yield, as my dimensions are no longer forwards

I have drowned in my breathing cell, a caged soul
Bent knees and shelter my face to hide the control
Pick the scab, to make my bleeding a rendered reality
I open my mouth and a child’s cries emanate, openly

This ulcer of my heart, infected with agonised, truth
Dancers above my grave are unawares, ignorant, uncouth
Unchallenged to hate when there is so little love, to feel
Vibrations seek to my conscious, to tease my hurt to reveal

Unrelenting, the vocal torture of all those around me
Never to hear the silence, as even these thoughts, aren’t free
Always my once friends, are now illusions to my sight
Only seeing this chamber, to which I suffer with fleeting might

A battery upon my head and the knocking, of the subliminal
Awakening me from a sleep I never achieved, from hours nocturnal
Fatigue creeps across my heart and standing, is too much agony
A fist is met with arthritic paralysis, of a lack of will, to fall completely

Death is so much fear, but, my only friend to conquer this
Planned of where to go, unsure how to get, to a non living bliss
If a signature of the grave was my sign, I would surely go
And a disgust seen from an unforgiving world is now bestowed

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