AG (31 December 1990 / Adelaide)

Forgotten Daughter

There once was a young girl fair.
With a heart big pure and made from gold.
But she had a father who it seemed didn’t care.
Towards her family he came off scary and cold.

But still she’d keep the faith,
No she’d never lose hope.
He wasn’t even acting as a mate.
It seemed like he treated her like a joke.

She’s waiting near the station.
“He should be here anytime soon.”
She tries to keep her concentration.
She watches the flowers in bloom.

Could he have forgotten?
It wouldn’t have slipped his mind?
This situation called life can be rotten.
“Maybe the station he cannot find? ”

This wouldn’t be the first time,
That he forgot her special day,
Nor will it be his first crime.
Where he will get away.

Child support he doesn’t pay,
But I do love my father nonetheless.
But attention in me he lacks every day.
“Why can’t my daddy make me feel like the best? ”

by Allyson Gordon

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Raw, passionate, personal poetry.