SAA (June 14,1983 / )

Forgotten Grief Of Shattered Hopes!

Million eyes explored inebriated soul,
Distance amid seemed million years,
Eyes took tireless ride, long wide ride
Far afield old trunks, afar those forsaken mounts;
Still, anonymous eyes stuck ubiquitously...

Foliage under feet guided aground,
Even humid layers, deep into woods;
Where old rakes tarnished with timeless times,
Old stable neighed with elapsed souls,
Tattered twines, leather lashes, and forbidden ingress...

Wrecked urns, shattered hopes, futile lost wails,
And agonized backyard, shriveled with lifeless innocence,
Eyes explored million tormented innocent souls...
Beneath anonymous graves, where lost are crypts!

Copyright © 2008 SYED AMAAN AHMAD


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I loved this poem! It was very touching