Forgotten Paths Of Yore

Oft I wandered in my mind,
Through memories green like summertime.
Traveling forgotten paths of yore,
To places that I’ve been before.
To cities bright, to country roads,
To every place I use to know.
My highways turn to dusty paths,
that thread and weave into my past.
I ponder stops along the way,
To visit friends of yesterday.
Reliving sights and sound and song,
This journey of my life so long.
Till journey’s end now seems my fate,
I now return to present date.
And look ahead to what’s in store,
And leave forgotten paths of yore.


by Gary Bryson

Comments (2)

Wonderful Words Gary, and with great expression. cheers Sylvie
I loved this poem. We should think about our past but not get lost in them. Some people never seem to come to the real world. Wonderful poem