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Forgotten Smile
HD (22/10/84 / Oxford(UK))

Forgotten Smile

A hidden smile
That has not been seen for a while.
It's been locked away
Waiting for a happy day.

Where did it go?
Only the sadness seems to show.
Tears rolling down the face
The smile has disappeared without a trace.

What will it take?
Don't want it to be fake.
The pain is starting to burn
When will the smile return?

Why was it taken away?
It needs to come back to stay.
How was it lost?
A smile has no cost.

It can mean so much
And adds a friendly touch.
Like the man in the box called Jack
That smile needs to come back.

I know it's there
And with the world I must share.
I know it's been a while
But now I've found my smile.

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