Fork In The Road

Forehead pressed up against the window
Eyes up at the stars

The darkness glooms yet so beautiful it seems
Simple stars, far away, distance, time, this is what I long for

We sit; we stare in opposite directions
As we casually embark on this journey through our lives

The invisible wall wedged between him and I
I try to turn but my head is still

My eyes try to steal a moment
But my heart has its own will

Eyes up at the stars
I keep looking

As Memories start to fill my head
A tear a chill a beating heart

My head screams I want you so
But my hearts deep wounds prevent this will

Eyes up at the stars
Creativity starts to fill my head

I’m reaching out and up I grab some stars
A handful of stardust shines through my fingers
I softly blow releasing my powers
He turns slowly

My heart starts to race
Time stand still let me embrace

His eyes staring at mine
Not a smile or a blink
The chill is unkind

I turn I weep a bleeding heart
Eyes will remain up at the stars

by Hasina Khan

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So beautifully captured...that space between wanting & having, then turning around - walking away with a scathed heart. Please keep writing...Africa has talent.