WG (03.07.1992 / Slovakia)

Forlorn And Faded

she's gasping for
the lifelong turmoil
under the spotlights
and cobwebs
into the cavity
into the forlorn mill
by marshy meadows
passer-by mumbles
and kids play hopscotch
meanwhile in cold blood
she has been cynical
and started hunger strike
when kids kicked all the molehills
tender surrender
to tuneful fragments
of Monday mourn
pilgrim carried
burden with legacy
and everyone heard
the coalmine symphony
playing overnight
it was a helter-skelter
a midwinter mirage
scrawled with dagger
on a corrosive corset
she watched flamingos
out on a field
when all of a sudden
hordes of the hunchbacked
mannequins stood up
and she was like
what the heck?

by William Greco

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