Forlorn Craving

A dreary sight,
A dilemma to fight,
A feat to ameliorate,
A step to change one’s fate,

A market of wares,
Exhibiting the expanse of grief the heart bears,
In the sun the face burns,
Still for more the heart yearns.

Enough for existence is what I gain,
Yet my effort goes in vain,
Stop me on the wrong alleyway I’m going,
Save from drowning the ferry I am rowing.

What I want my perception doesn’t let me get,
And what I have my mind doesn’t let me forget,
When will the greenery in my life awake?
When you will stop putting life at stake. (An inner voice says)

When in my life will flora blossom?
When will they endow serenity to my heart in my bosom?
When will the sun smile at me?
When will its rays flicker in glee?

When will be the end of this row?
Till when will survival be a formidable foe?
(An inner voice answers)
When there is an end to this turmoil,
Till then for a response your heart will toil.

On the way I think of a future,
Some reveries which I can’t think to nurture,
Yet again the consciousness raids,
And good bye to my intentions it bades.

by Srajit Sakhuja

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