AS (20 Nov.1950 / Yerevan, Armenia)

Former Lives

I used to get back to the mother earth
Reborn again from my former lives
To purify my soul and rub out the filth
Of my conscience, improving my mind

And the earth always welcomed me by its
Magnificent scents of blooming gardens
I used to discover the new emotions in each
Rebirth, finding love, warmth and kindness

Yet in my last life I seemed to land on hell
Where witnessed demolition and chaos
With neither kid laughter, nor bird chirping
But the decaying smell of the ashes of

The former civilization and pre-mortal
Screams of the last agonizing people
It gave me the creeps and a gruesome feeling
Of hopelessness and emptiness

And I asked myself if a homo sapiens
Succeeded in destroying with his own hands
The world created by God

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