Forms, Shapes, Lines.

Sufferings, pain and agony
Reach me wherever I am; wherever they live;
Of a lone traveler’s feelings and all he suffers
In that journey,
Comes to me, makes me understand.
No matter how huge is loneliness
And no matter where it lies,
It’s bound for my eyes to see.
Small or large, every type of silence,
Of spring’s sorrow in fall,
Of a broken heart crying and wailing,
Is understood, always.
I open the doors of a world unseen,
And I collect it all, my hearing, seeing, feeling,
And start to write a poem.

by Dr. Afaq A. Qureshi

Comments (2)

poetry is from the lonely and for the lonely. it connects people who are in search of meaning and they find solace in it even if it confirms their sense of loneliness. you express it beautifully. thank you