Forsaken Hope

Helpless she lies
In the street, cold and wet
Her hope for life dies

Her mind is scattered
Not thinking clearly
Her hope for peace is tattered

She looks for a way out
But is lost in illusions
She is consumed by waves of doubt

Nobody sees her
She’s hidden away
she sits unable to shed a single tear

the cold world has hardened her soul
she feels no pain, nor emotion
she has buried these deep in a hole

Nothing can calm her down
Her heart is pounding
A pool of blood, the place she shall drown

by Wandering Scarlet

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Comments (7)

wow, i wish i was that gurl in this poem...
i love this one. what was your insiration for thi poem? -leia
wow...i really liked that one...reminds me of someone...a close friend of mine
Very talented poem. I read it twice actually. Great work.
wow that was very painful.. i loved it..i give it a ten~hazel
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