*fortunate One*

Poem By Alien Girl

They say that I am a fortunate one
The fortunate daughter of a poor mans son
That dwells in the city of angels unseen
Living in luxuries you’d never believe

If you only knew how fortune deceives
Makes ones seem happy but on inside seethes
Disguises the pain and the anger within
Forgives over and over unforgivable sins

And fortune can come in many a form
From the smile on the face of an innocent newborn
To the wickedness of a grandmothers stare
To the pain of a husbands words so unfair

Well I can tell you I’ve seen fortune unfold
Lie dormant waiting for the truth to be told
It lies restless waiting for him to come home
Spending his fortune on temptations gold

And fortune disguises the lies beneath
Just breathe, let it go, unclench your teeth
Fortune can cover the mistakes that we made
Fortune will make me a widow someday

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