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LM (7/12/37 / Pawtucket, R. I.)


God made a new world with Noah
after 'forty' days of rain,
He made Moses a great deliverer
after 'forty' years on the desert plain,
After 'forty' years of wandering
the Israelites entered the promised land,
After 'forty' days in the desert,
Jesus' earthly ministry began,
T'was 'forty' days between
His resurrection and ascension,
Since God has chosen the number 'forty'
Thought it worthwhile to mention.

Learned these facts after reading
a small study book entitles, 'Forty
Days with Jesus.'

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Yet again, You're full of promise.This is an informative almost drinkable poem. You've just filled a hole in my Dessert of know it all. Your A Star.......................God Bless You From Duncan