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Two Swans In Love
SG (2nd October / London)

Two Swans In Love

Two swans are adrift on the lake in all their splendor,
A sweet vision to behold in it's true grandeur,
Ghostlike images that you may encounter,
Unaware of their surroudings; while they effortlessly saunter,
Lost in love with each other showing their devotion,
A sight causing one to pause with much emotion,
Quietly gliding along creating great beauty & grace,
With snow white feathers & soft plummage laced,
Swimming side by side they begin their lover's dance,
This beautiful courtship will leave you in a trance;
As they bow their heads together to form a shape of love sublime;
While in the moonlight they illuminate a heart shape so sweet & devine,
It mirrors upon the water's reflection,
This tranquil scene reveals nature's pure, perfection,
These are two swans in love,
Two swans in love......

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If forty is an 'F' word just think how sixty feels! Everything is relative, Some things time never heals.. But look now at the positive one moment if you could. We'll never be this young again or will we look this good!
Imaginatively fun. I enjoyed this thoroughly.
great poem.(i reckon 'cher' is a swear word.) al.
Very well written and very entertaining piece! Wonder if I'll feel the same at 40..or maybe earlier..hehehe Preets
Gyps, This is a lilting graceful poem with impeccable rhyme and scantion. The subject is amusing, particularly to one who is just beginning her sixty second year! When I was forty, our lighting was so inadequate I rarely saw myself properly in the mirror, and after 45 the eyesight began to fade, so the perceived image improved irrespective of the light! Who in heaven's name wants to look like Cher? love, Allie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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