SG (2nd October / London)

Forty Is An 'F' Word

I look into the mirror
By accident these days
For it’s not my own reflection
That meets my startled gaze
Instead an ageing woman
Stares back into my face
With sagging tired complexion
That can’t keep up the pace
Of someone ten years younger
Who doesn’t need much sleep
And eats and drinks and parties
Without falling in a heap
And I’ve bought all the cosmetics
For anti ageing skin
But they’ve not made any difference
I should chuck them in the bin
And go and get a face-lift
Some subtle tucks and nips
A bit of liposuction
To loose these bloody hips
And while I’m on the subject
(I’m going to have to swear)
‘cause forty is an “F” word
And we can’t all be like “Cher”.

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If forty is an 'F' word just think how sixty feels! Everything is relative, Some things time never heals.. But look now at the positive one moment if you could. We'll never be this young again or will we look this good!
Imaginatively fun. I enjoyed this thoroughly.
great poem.(i reckon 'cher' is a swear word.) al.
Very well written and very entertaining piece! Wonder if I'll feel the same at 40..or maybe earlier..hehehe Preets
Gyps, This is a lilting graceful poem with impeccable rhyme and scantion. The subject is amusing, particularly to one who is just beginning her sixty second year! When I was forty, our lighting was so inadequate I rarely saw myself properly in the mirror, and after 45 the eyesight began to fade, so the perceived image improved irrespective of the light! Who in heaven's name wants to look like Cher? love, Allie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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