Forty Is An 'F' Word

I look into the mirror
By accident these days
For it’s not my own reflection
That meets my startled gaze

by Scarborough Gypsy Click to read full poem

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If forty is an 'F' word just think how sixty feels! Everything is relative, Some things time never heals.. But look now at the positive one moment if you could. We'll never be this young again or will we look this good!
Imaginatively fun. I enjoyed this thoroughly.
great poem.(i reckon 'cher' is a swear word.) al.
Very well written and very entertaining piece! Wonder if I'll feel the same at 40..or maybe earlier..hehehe Preets
Gyps, This is a lilting graceful poem with impeccable rhyme and scantion. The subject is amusing, particularly to one who is just beginning her sixty second year! When I was forty, our lighting was so inadequate I rarely saw myself properly in the mirror, and after 45 the eyesight began to fade, so the perceived image improved irrespective of the light! Who in heaven's name wants to look like Cher? love, Allie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
i completely enjoyed this poem :) what fun. Looking forward to reading more.
This is so heart felt, Please check your messages.Love Duncan
Gyp I hated forty, it certenly was a F word for me/but I love sixty that's a S word sweet serien and sexy.great poem. I have written one called middle age, you should read it somtime. cheers sylvie
Catchy, funny, and, on the strength of the ending, immensely dignified. And hey, as a 30-year-old I can tell you: it ain't all that. Warm regards, Gina.
Gyps, anyone who writes as beautifully from the inside must, by definition, be beautiful on the outside. Look in the mirror again, beautifiul lady. Love, Jerry
Hang in there kid, you're probably sexy as hell when you're in a good mood.
Hello, I am related to Winter Lees. She is my little sister. -x~Sky~x-
Oh my GOD! ! I have a purple T shirt on today! ! ! Thanks everyone for your comments. It's wonderful to get so much feed back. This poem is written very much tongue in cheek. I don't feel THAT bad ALL of the time! Ha, ha. Sherri, my kids were almost all grown up but then I went and had another one at the age of 38 so I'm not quite where you are yet (got about another 16 years to go) ! Thanks Max for pointing out my spelling mistake. Think I'm going blind in one eye (my teeth are falling out with my hair too) but I have corrected Sher to Cher :) Cheers everyone Gyp's
You touched a nerve in this one! Got all range of responses! I also feel the rhymes work well, and the ending does, too. The critic in me can only find one tiny morsel: it's Cher, with a c.: -)
You're alright until you start to wear purple. Lovely rhymes and such a neat ending.
oh i know the feeling well..but there are advantages can get away with sooooo much when you're 'older'
It's all just a 'passing thru''...from one stage to the is what shines eternal inside...forget about what the external world says...YOU are B e a u t i f u l!