(09 January 1879 – 14 April 1950 / Tiruchuzhi, Tamil Nadu / India)

Forty Verses On Reality 11-20

Is it not, rather, ignorance to know all else
without knowing oneself, the knower?
As soon as one knows the Self,
which is the substratum of knowledge and ignorance,
knowledge and ignorance perish.

That alone is true Knowledge
which is neither knowledge nor ignorance.
What is known is not true Knowledge.
Since the Self shines with nothing else to know or to make known,
It alone is Knowledge.
It is not a void.

The Self, which is Knowledge,
is the only Reality.
Knowledge of multiplicity is false knowledge.
This false knowledge, which is really ignorance,
cannot exist apart from the Self,
which is Knowledge-Reality.
The variety of gold ornaments is unreal,
since none of them can exist
without the gold of which they are all made.

If the first person, I, exists,
then the second and third persons, you
and he, will also exist.
By enquiring into the nature of the I, the I perishes.
With it 'you' and 'he' also perish.
The resultant state,
which shines as Absolute Being,
is one's own natural state, the Self.

Only with reference to the present
can the past and the future exist.
They too, while current, are the present.
To try to determine the nature of the past
and the future while ignoring the present
is like trying to count without the unit.

Apart, from us where is time and where is space?
If we are bodies, we are involved in time and space, but are we?
We are one and identical now, then, and forever, here, and everywhere.
Therefore we, timeless, and spaceless Being, alone are.

To those who have not realized the Self,
as well as to those who have,
the word 'I' refers to the body,
but with this difference,
that for those who have not realized,
the 'I' is confined to the body whereas for those
who have realized the Self within the body
the 'I' shines as the limitless Self.

To those who have not realized (the Self) as well as to those
who have the world is real.
But to those who have not realized,
Truth is adapted to the measure of the world,
whereas to those that have,
Truth shines as the Formless Perfection,
and as the Substratum of the world.
This is all the difference between them.

Only those who have no knowledge of the Source of destiny
and free-will dispute as to which of them prevails.
They that know the Self as the one Source of destiny
and free-will are free from both.
Will they again get entangled in them?

He who sees God without seeing the Self sees only a mental image.
They say that he who sees the Self sees God.
He who, having completely lost the ego, sees the Self,
has found God, because the Self does not exist apart from God.

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