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If I knew where I'd be in my life right now
I would have planned it different somehow
A little hindsight, or a crystal ball
A peek, a look, too see it all
Make better choices, or a different road
walk through life with a lighter load
Right all wrongs and make a new pact
To bad life doesn't come with a forward attached

(12 June2007)

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Neither does it come with a 'rewind' to right the wrongs, sad but true...Moving forward day by day, baby steps, anything to make things better not just for ourselves but others....This poem is absolutely fantastic..........marci. :)
JoAnn, I think we would all like a forward that we could change so we don't make so many wrong turns on our journey.. Alas, not possible, we are stuck with what make. Great thoughts from a great lady. Thanks for sharing them my friend. David
Alas JoAnn... We do take the wrong path in life... But what can we do thats just life...10
Ahhh, but, wouldn't we all like to do it a wee bit different...get it, a wee bit faster, and enjoy it a whole lot more...But alas, with our gift of the silent word, we can express it, without shouting it to the rooftops, and in doing so, perhaps come to the realization...that it ain't so bad after all! Great Work, young lady...You never disappoint, Jo Ann! FjR