Forward In Time

Poem By Ouch G. Hetrick

It will always be in a simpler time
when all the green spades in the air
would fall through themselves, and pour.

The days would thicken on in
the scorch of the daylight. Every
hour would be satisfying.
Every minute the air turns
a musky yellow.

Lazy, I couldn't notice the
awesome falls of those hidden
colors, that streaks along
that purple skyline.
And then I look...

Hints, and more hints, of red
would befallen, the red that would
blotch the trees and their branches,
a red resembling pomegranates.

Glimpsing farther, I was silent.
I shut my eyes to hear the strolls,
the booming, of the sound of
a crowd of blue elephants.

The stomps shook the ground,
mushed it orange and sodden.
I fluttered my eyelids and could see
their technicolor skeletons.

I could sight their veins that fled
all round their bodies. Just like the wind,
picking up the colors.

Only then, did they change direction.
Everything stopped its action.
The moment for fractions
of seconds,
remained still in that silence.

The trees held their place.
I felt afraid in my reaction.
And then,
the memory fades to a close.

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