Forward With Today's Activities

Those that can not adapt to change,
Should not be convinced...
Change for them awaits,
For them to embrace its arrival.

Nor should they be ignored...
In the belief for them there is no option.
When there is.
Everyone should be respected,
For their perceptions.
Deluded or not!
It is democracy in action,
That affects one's comfortability!
And a right to choose from choices.

The ones in stubborn defiance,
Of certain and unquestioned change.
Should not be confronted with argument.
They should be offered a choice to take,
A one way ticket...
Back to a treasured paradise.
Complete with collected artifacts,
Or sit to rock,
Behind windows cleared.
As their lives fade away...
Listening to their own pre-recorded voices.
Looped in repeated opposition to hear.
In rooms closed and sealed.

With meals slid under locked and blocked doors.
Conveniently outfitted to dropp suggestions,
For their preferences...
From a limited list of options given.
And then read and forgotten...
By those assigned to make sure they are observed,
Going through a routine of scheduled motions!
And directed to ensure...
All elements of expectation,
Have been appeased to meet satisfactions.

'Is everyone happy?
Are all the cells scented with favorite mists?
And those who have required licorice,
Placed on folded napkins...
Next to required peppermints,
With their appropriate assortment of condiments...
Are fine?
There is not one hint of a whine!
That task gets easier upon daily implementation.
FORWARD with today's activities! '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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