WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

Found A Dream

Found In A Dream
Written by: Wilfred Mellers
Friday, August 15,2014

At times I ponder on things gone awry
Could I have done any dissimilar?
As twisted as my mind maybe resolutions escapes
To have facilitated a course other than taken route was absurd in thought

Mind you, it transpires on seldom occasion's time yet so often greeted
Trying to find reasoning where there is just none
Finding a conclusion where there is none to be manufactured
The establishment of reckoning abides

Times when I am surround by people yet I am alone
I imagine how it could have been
Fanciful thoughts I saw everything
Contemplating on how astounding it would have been true

just another ordinary delusion formed in fairytales
Halation imaginary floating away in a mirage
Maybe it was all an elaborate illusion
For the magic you wield was intoxicating

I was an addict and you my poison of choice
Inebriated and wrapped up blissfulness I was
A life conceived was impossible to consider separation
Blindsided and clueless for my faith was bountiful

A feast for the eyes I did fancy
Familiar the souls were one in desires
Combinations seemingly secure I adored
Misguided for I the dear in headlights

It might have been a forgone conclusion
It might have been a twisted reality
It might have been wishful thinking
It might have been simply desperation

Tic tock to the clock nine past nine
Mesmerized and captivated at just a fleeting glance
As silly as it might have been, I still dream those dreams
As impossible as they seem, I found you in a dream

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