Found A Family At Last

Things are starting to go my way
I want to live to see each day.
Being in a household full of love
I feel at peace, like the flying dove.

These are people I want to be around
They will help to keep me safe and sound.
Not have to worry about outgoing debt
Not doing it sooner is my only regret.

They respect me for who I am
And it's ncie to know that someone gives a damn.
They will listen to what I have to say
They won't judge me or make me pay.

Learning how to inter-act with others
I only wish I was here with my brothers.
It still feels like I'm in a dream
Am I really part of this new family team?

People to help when I'm finding things hard
They don't treat me like a useless tub of lard.
I don't want to do anything to spoil it
So I find myself holding back a bit.

If I happen to mention things from my past
They are shocked and can't believe I've managed to last.
I no longer have to face my demons on my own
Not now I'm secure in my new happy, family home!

by Hannah Davies

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