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Found Again Jewels!
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Found Again Jewels!

Poem By Linda Hepner

Oh where oh where have my hip joints gone,
Oh where oh where can they be?
I asked the surgeon to save me one
And give it back to me!

I once was joined to my lover man
Like Siamese twins at the hip,
But now he’s found him another fan
A brand new microchip!

The surgeon carved with his shiny knife
And hid the hip in a jar,
All pickled for its shelf half-life
While I am left with the scar!

So we’re apart but I’m really rich,
It’s more than minimum:
The knife went deep but with one big stitch
I’m now titanium!

So hail to hips all shiny new
And joints all oiled and bright!
They bend just like yer old bones do
So thanks folks, I’m all right!

To Gershon, thanks for your poem just now: Lost Only Once...!

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Comments (2)

I must have missed this when you posted it. It is really a gem...and I know lots of folks who would enjoy reading this one. You done good, my friend. Raynette
Very amusing- an enjoyable read!