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~* Found Again..

Havent wrote in a while,
Words slip thru my fingers..
lost in confusion,
in what I want and what I need to do.

I wake up with her by my side.
another morning,
another day..
she gives me a kiss so sweet and tender..
I wrap my love in my arms, as I hold her.

I know we argue,
I know we disagree,
and sometimes I act weird and insecure.

I've been wanting to tell you..
yet, I could never find the right words to put together.

I need you like the flower needs water.
I want you like i've never wanted anything else more.
I dont ever wanna live without you, cuz I would simply die.
you bring each smile..
you bring all my happiness.
you bring heaven when I was in hell..

I love that we solve our problems straight on.
I love that we never deny the truth.
I love that you understand my foolish talks,
and go along with everything that comes outta my mouth.
I love how you make me kiss you instead of vice-versa.
I love how I can wake up, and know you'll be there.
I love that you will always listen.
and last but not least, I love that we're honest.

maybe cuz of all this.. is why we're gonna last.

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Thats adorable..... very cute and loving