Found Me


I found me, lost myself my pride and felt like I died. You killed me slowly in side my soul turned black and cold, thats some I relay want back myself confidence crushed and brushed aside. Your selfishness is the power of one, yourself. Putting me away back on the last shelf trying not to kill my self. Hoping I'll disappear; fade way in the dark with a broken heart Your hope showed me the way and today I found the way. I found the person you pushed away now I'm ready to play your game you thought I quite. I'll spit and hit, you where it really counts. you will feel all the pain threw all those pounds. Face in the dirt now its your turn to be burnt. You'll burn deep to the feet. Feel the pain that I have gained you will feel burning to the end. So then I can put the ashes on the shelf next to your camera that you gave too yourself. The person I was came apart. Thanks for finding me a new start.You watch as your life you once knew will slowly fall apart from end too start.

by stephanie vallejo

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