Found Myself

I found myself back to where I was
I found myself where I was best in
I found myself in love all over again

When I told him it was over
we split and went our sepreate ways
Ever since then, I never saw him again
I moved on and made a way for myself

Now when you come around
You say you want me back
but I ignored you and made you mad
when you saw me with someone else

But now, I found myself back in love with you
just like before

Now I cry everynight
cause I dont want to see myself crawl back to you
You'd play me like a fool, I know...
So why bother
This pain won over me
I need you more than anything, i'd rather keep this to myself for no
one to know
Cause I dont want to here ' I TOLD YOU SO'

Oh....what a girl to do....

by ice johnson

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