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Found Poem 1: Julie Joins Poemhunter
MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

Found Poem 1: Julie Joins Poemhunter

hey babe, it's your girl julie ;)

Want to tell you that so far
i'm having a great summer,
how about you?
I went to the beach yesterday with my friend Sara,
and many people hugging and kissing there,
which made me feel bad
since I don't have that special person,
you ever feel like that?
My college is over for now, but
I'm working a little as a waitress, and
I must say there are many rude guys out there
who give me bad compliments,
but I'm getting used to that;
the weather is awesome here, can't complain there :)
Anyways, my cam is on
and I'll be home whole week,
I just didn't know how to put it online,
so what I did is connected it
to some network which all it needs
is age verification..here's my site....
let's meet each other finally...

bye, jules :)

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i like this, Michael. as far as found poetry goes, i'd say this was a good find! Jake
'Bad compliments' - I love it.
Interesting take Mike. The 'found' poetry is the, frequently, beautiful elements of the ordinary.