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Found Poem: Today's Headlines From Yahoo News

Rescuers race to free trapped submarine,
Space shuttle undocks, heads for home,
Passenger jet goes down in sea off Sicily,
Hiroshima marks atomic bomb anniversary,
British government defends crackdown plan,
Typhoon batters China,1.24 million evacuated,
Mel Gibson asked to stage Christ's crucifixion.

by Max Reif

Comments (4)

truth is stranger than fiction. Headlines make great fodder for the imagination.
Warhol in poetry! And the last line is the true gem within the plastic. Great idea. Raynette
Hey, it's a great last line! Who would have dared to write it? Though some critics would wish it round the other way...
I like it. Thought of similar endeavor myself. (I have a few in the works) Sort of pop-art poetry. Never going to run out of material are we? Amicalement votre Ronberge