Foundation On God's Word

It's a fountain of life
One can't do without
Fish can't survive without water
Neither can we ignore this fountain
Fresh, sparkling water
So pure just from the sight
It's a foundation that's unshakable
Firm and steady
Can't be swayed by strong hurricane
Jesus calmed the storm
With Him in your life
All storms are just breeze
All things may go
But His word remains
This foundation can never washed away
Your faith becomes unwavery
Not even waves or tides
The waters shall not overwhelm you
Can outdo it
The fountain of life
Foundation of life

by Jane Nyokabi

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Comments (2)

A beautifully crafted write that captures a boundless faith in Jesus. A very inspiring piece.
Words of wisdom, yes Jesus gave a lesson of love and peace. How much we have learned it is something else. Happy Christmas.