Fountain Of Youth

There was a lady
of Vain thoughts
As men cowered underfoot
Of her selfish wants.

Silver phaetons with glinting stallions
Luxury above the King's
A man who ruled the Empire
She ruled
The hearts of young men
As they threw unresponded
Bouquet of love
On her huge oak doors

Humans will follow
The attraction
That is time
Like a hummingbird
To the blooms of Spring
As sure as
The moon's bloom
On the month's end

She hunted
For the thing
That could stop
The mystery
That is time

With her precious possession
In her gleeful hands
She charmed the
She seduced the
She scrubbed down the

Throughout the Ages
Her feminine wiles
Set free

Half a millenia
Has come and gone
She was still twenty-three
Hair set in an elaborate coiffure,
With whale bone corsets
In the era of feminine liberation
That is the 21st Century.

by Seraphine Belle

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