Strawberry Fields Forever

Strawberry Fields Forever
(To All the Farm workers)
As the early light melts away the morning dew
There are strawberry fields forever awaiting you
Your morning preparations
Daily routine operations
You put on your surgical gloves
To protect the softness that your husband loves
You slip on your knee pads as if armor
In a fight against mother earth, you don’t want to harm her
Your bonnet carefully tied down
As your knees kiss the ground
Berry crates stacked skyscraper high
Balanced carefully an architect would cry
You search fruitfully through green leaves for little red
You’ll find him with his brothers, exactly where he went to bed
A little blush but ready for your hand
Ready for succulent lips through the land
You run out to meet the morning sun
Race it across the horizon till you done
Your hands slice through plants like a veg-o-matic
You know only one speed, that’s automatic
The more baskets you fill
The more your children spill
But their laughter keeps them safe and sound
As they frolic in the fields, the daily playground
Today’s crop is plump and ripe
The Japanese foreman won’t have a gripe
As he passes by you stand and take a bow
Respect for the opportunity to place sweat on your brow
The day is hot and the day is long
But the heart is open and the back is strong
The sun changes its angle and a breeze sweeps in
Gently massages an a aroma into your skin
A smile out duels a frown
As aching bones rise from the ground
The trucks are loaded and to the cooler they go
Welcome to America and be part of the greatest show

by Alfred Ramos

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